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    J Adams

    I love using my Kellogg's points to plant trees and help our planet. The only thing I don't like about the locations available is that they all seem to be tied to a state program and considered as a renewable energy source - meaning they will be cut down at some point to make lumber and support jobs. I understand the need for lumber and managing tree farms or plots of land for this specific purpose, but I want to plant my trees where they will be safe from being chopped down later. I want my trees to live a long life in the forest or in a protected nature preserve where they won't be potentially harvested. Trees are meant to be homes for birds and other small critters and be part of the nature ecosystem. Trees also  provide much needed shade for animals and produce oxygen for our planet too. Please consider adding planting sites where the trees will remain forever once planted and will not be destroyed later on or left at the mercy of a forestry agency that typically lease out land (and trees) to lumber companies.  

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